• A short video about the students from Latvia, who are involved in mobilities

    A video about Latvia, Ogre and Ogre State Gymnasium

    Presentation of the Latvian students about the country, the town of Ogre and Ogres State Gymnasium


    How big are our countries

    So here you can see the size of our countries.The largest one is France, the second is Spain, the third one is Italy and the last one of course is Latvia. Acually you can already put Latvia inside of Spain about 4 times.

    The Highest point

    The highest point is Mont Blanc which is a mountain between France and Italy, the second one is Teide in Spain and again the last one which is more like a hill is Gaizinkalns in Latvia.

    Typical food

    In Latvia one of the typical dishes is gray peas,potatos and sauerkraut, they are typical food in celebrations.

    Weather and climate

    As you can see the coldest country is Latvia, where the lowest average temperature in winter is  -10 degrees. But still in our country there are four very different and beautiful seasons.


    In winter the coldest month is February. Sometimes winters are very snowy  and sometimes they are rainy. People go skiing, skating and having fun in snow.


    Springs in our countries is similar everiting is starting to grow from the beginning. Fruit trees are blooming. In Spain, Italy and France spring is warmer than in Latvia.So plants start to grow faster.


    Summer in Italy and Spain is hotter than in France and Latvia. But still in all our countries there are summer vacation and holidays, when people can rest from learning and working. In our country summer are dry and rainy seasons. People in summer work in gardens, growing plants, vegetables and flowers, go swimming an lakes, rivers and the sea.


    Autumn in our caunties is similar eather. Leaves are changing their color. People are taking plants and vegetables away from the gardens for winter.

    Our school

    There are 400 students and 40 teachers in our school. 1st September obviously is knowledge day which sadly means that summer is over. Usually on the 1st September we have some sort of a show where people sing or dance.

    One of the first events that include teamwork and cooperation is sports day. It’s mostly games and difficult challenges but it’s not very athletic. But it’s not all just fun and games, there’s a scoring system in place to evaluate each teams score.

    Our school offers a multitude of different after class activities, like dancing, singing, theater, IT classes and so much more.

    Some of the after-school groups like singing, dancing and theatre practice and later perform in front of the school during a themed concert such as Mother’s day or even maybe a Christmas concert.