• Another article about our visits to the laboratories of Insubria University (Como) and to the ones of G. Galilei liceum. Our boys and girls met a researcher who made a toxicological experiment with Dafnia (a small crustacean very sensitive to environment conditions) and also implant an algal colony (used to feed the dafnias). At the liceum they met three high school students that made several experiments, such as hydrolysis of water, evaluation of pH into different liquid solutions and identifications of fresh water insects. A great experience and a good job for everyone. 

    A first article about the trip to "Segrino lake", an interesting experience for knowing a local ecosystem. Our pupils has been guided by teh ecological guides of the GAE association. In the article is explained the importance of the Erasmus project for our school and you can see a photo of French students (now you are very famous in Italy!!).

    On the 15th of December, during the Open Day of our school, our students have presented the Erasmus project to all families. We have also made some activities:

    • an exhibition of photos about our local ecosystem
    • picture of ninfee (from Segrino Lake) drawn by our students
    • A project about water using the english language
    • a simple game about the classification of animals
    • a simple game about recycling

    Belowe you can see a video about this day.