Italian logos

  • Here are the 4 Italian logos. In the land of Giotto, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, maybe a new artist is born. Give us your opinion and your vote!!

    All logos has been created by 2 E and 3 E (from Canzo).

    Eco-light (2 E - Canzo - Italy)

    Author: Vanessa Gerosa

    Drought On Earth (2 E - Canzo - Italy)

    Authors: Alessandro Marasco, Giulia Paredi, Kevin Polotto

    Love the Earth (3 E - Canzo - Italy)

    Author: Pietro Bolfe

    Four Elements all around the world (3 E - Canzo - Italy)

    Authors: Zoe Giletto - Alessia Sangianini - Valeria Basarab