1 Keep in touch


    STEP 1 - Until the 15th of November

    Go to your Twinspace profile and complete it (write about your family, interests, place where you live, pets...), add your photo or a picture.


    STEP 2

    Each country introduces itself focusing on these themes:

    • Our school
    • Our region
    • Our country
    • Our food
    • Our daily life
    • What we do for our environment (recycling, differentiate waste, produce clean energy,...)

    For the presentation each one can choose what he wants: Power point, video maker software, padlet, …

    The deadline for presenting the work is 15th of November.


    STEP 3 (end of January)

    All the students involved in mobility introduce themselves with pictures (interests/likes/dislikes) and symbols (positive/negative features of your character), make a collage and add it to Padlet. Add it to Materals - folder: Student's collages-introductions.


    for free pictures or drawnings use:








    for creating a collage use:




    STEP 4 (beginning of February)

    We will organize a videoconference between the students directly involved in Spain Mobility.

    After the videoconference, each student will chat with another students from partner's country asking him/her what he wants (the questions can be based on the padlet collage created in Step 3).

    Here are our Productions !!!

    for France

    For Italy

    for Latvia

    For Spain !