4 Collaborative Calendar

  • During the mobility in Vigo, our colaborative calendar was finished by some of the project students. Thanks a lot for your great job!

    Clicking on the image below you can access and download it. Also from the materials->files tab

    Happy 2020 environment year to everybody!

    We will create a collaborative 2020 calendar to later share with our families and school communities.

    Each country creates a cover for three months.

     Then the calendar will be finished and printed during the mobility in Spain, 1-6 of April, 2019

    Detailed instructions for creating the image+text file can be found here: Calendar_Instructions.pdf  and also in the subpage "Calendar instructions"

    The cover should include a photo or image of one local species (animal or vegetal, better if studied during the ecosystem visit) and the name of it in mother tongue, English and Scientific Name. A brief description of the species in English is optional.

    Dates to remember

    21st March: last day to upload the cover. Better in .png or other image file format

    During the mobility in Spain the calendar will finished collaboratively by the students, and then printed and distributed to all the countries as a welcome present.