Initial Assessment Results

  • These are our First assessment results !


    As shown in Q1, if our students discuss about environment it is not one of their main concern. Indeed 67 % discuss from time to time of environnement only 5% of them seem to be very concerned about this issue.


    Answers to Q2 show that Global warming & organic food are well known topics among our students, but very few of them have already heard about soil sealing, endocrine disruptors, circular economy or loss of biodiversity for instance whereas all these issue are growing concerns.


    In spite of a low score retated to Q6, they have a quite good knowledge about recycling and waste production (Q3, Q4 & Q5).

    However when it’s about biodiversity (Q8, Q9, Q10), things are far less clear for them which is consistent with the answers of the first question. Our visits to discover local ecosystems is a good way to adress this problem.


    The end of the assessment shows that our students have a quite good idea about organic farming.