The early acquisition of healthy and correct lifestyles has a significant effect on the health of our pupils. The school plays a fundamental role in the transmission of knowledge in a homogeneous way between pupils and pupils and through them reaches all the families of the community. In this way, the school can promote a culture of "well-being" and healthy and correct lifestyles that can improve the quality of life of our students right away, but also influencing their future choices. the idea of ​​the “Fit for School-Fit for Life” project.

    The project has tried to develop the fundamental competencies of the citizen, the social inclusion, and the training of teachers through exchange and comparison, developing the theme of "well-being" from many points of view.

    Pupils aged between 9 and 15 from partner schools and their teachers were involved. On some occasions, such as the events open to the whole community that each partner school has tried to organize especially during the mobility, all pupils and teachers of the schools have been involved, often to families.

    Numerous activities were organized in individual schools to prepare students for events where they would collaborate online. In this way the students presented themselves to the meetings prepared and competent, making an efficient and effective contribution to the elaboration of the materials and contents provided. All the remote exchange took place through our Twinspace, which has increasingly become our virtual classroom, especially after the lockdown in March 2020. We used the "Chatroom" to communicate, the "Twinboard" and the "Forum" to express our opinions on some key issues of the project, the "Survey" to vote together and choose the best solution, the "Blog" to tell us about the events of our daily life that were relevant to the project, the "Videoconference" for our online meetings and the "Pages" in which to collect the phases / activities of the project and contribute to the group work.