About our project

  • It is well know that  all learning depends on the ability to read. When young people  have access to enjoyable, enriching stories, transformations in their reading skills are visible. If these stories are coming from all over the world and are expressions of other cultures and languages, the process of reading is even more enriching as it favours and boosts shared values, concepts and mutual understanding. 
    English is the language that allows a  larger communication, but it is not the only one; all the other languages are equal in dignity and are extraordinary in spreading the  specific concepts and the  peculiarities of each country. Moreover, translating  from English into another native language and vice versa,  enables young people to improve not only their knowledge of the foreign language, but the knowledge of their native languages too.
    Creating new stories is the following step.  Young people can show their creativity and what they have learned reading and translating stories. 

    ATTENTION: In order to appreciate all multimedia contents of our project, we advise you to use Firefox as a browser