• Welcome to the project page of I LOVE SCIENCE!
    It is a transnational project made by 4 educational institutions in Europe.

    This ERASMUS+ transnational project is created to support the development of the necessary basic skills of children in the agegroup 3-7 years. The project focuses on the basic skills in SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, LANGUAGE and TECHNOLOGY and teaching the to the children by transforming learning activities into playful games.
    Learning is a long process rather than a collection of realistic and technical knowledge.  Learning produces changes in an individual and the changes produced are relatively permanent.
    Our working methodology is based on creating/developing practical experiments/activities for those of theoretical  knowledge that are given in kindergaraten curricula. We aim to connect both types of knowledge in a holistic way.  The teachers will guide the children in a fun and gripping way thru games and plays that will make learning about Science, Maths, Technology and Languages enthralling also for very young children. 


    • Creating an active pre-school environment inside/outside the classes;
    • Providing holistic learning for the children;
    • Developing ICT, language and digital skills of kids;
    • Developing interest of the kids in Mathematics, Language, Science, Technology;
    • Improving self-esteem of the children.