3rd product: Aesthetic guide

  • 3rd tangible result: the collaborative aesthetic guide of 12 artworks 

                       (Activity connected with the results of project objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Competences covered

    Cultural awareness and expression:

    -To understand  the different styles, trends and forms of Fine Arts.

    -To analyze the aesthetic characteristics of some artworks belonging to different artistic periods.

    -To give a critical point of view about the beauty cannons..

    Linguistic competence:

    -To express oneself correctly both orally and in writing using English and mother languages.

    -To understand different kinds of texts in English, Spanish, Basque, Italian, Dutch and French.

    -To search, collect and process information in different languages..

    Digital competence:

    -To search, collect and process information by means of technological resources.

    -To create and share digital resources.

    Social and civic competences:

    -To prepare an aesthetic guide for fellow students.

    -To strengthen the concepts of inclusion, equality and non-discrimination for aesthetic reasons.

    Each artwork of has been analysed by the international working groups through a mini website providing the following information:

    -Written fact sheet in English with the following details: title, artist, technique, period, school and style.

    -Written description of the artwork's subject in English.

    -Written and oral analysis in English and mother languages of the analysed artwork´s beauty canons.

    -Written and oral comparison in English and mother languages between the analysed artwork´s beauty canons and those ones in use in our society.


    fact sheet

    ficha técnica

    fitxa teknikoa

            Analysed artworks for the Aesthetic Guide

    1.- Venus of Kortrijk 

    2.- Thundering Zeus 

    3.- Venus in the Forge of Vulcanus 

    4.- Venus and Cupid with two satyrs in a landscape 

    5.- The Rape of Europe 

    6.- Satyr playing the flute

    7.- The death of Adonis 

    8.- Napoleone as Mars the peacemaker

    9.- Venus of Poetry 

    10.- Diana

    11.- Hero and Leander

    12.- Narcissus