Fifth mobility to Liceo Tito Livio (from 26th January to 2nd February 2019)

  • The target groups of Liceo Classico Statale "Tito Livio" prepare, conduct, and assess project activities at their school together with 12 working groups’ representatives from IES Urbi BHI and from Athena Pottelberg. 

    Activities connected with the results of project objectives

    -Pupils and foreign families spended 8 days interacting in English.

    -Foreign students, target group students, and project teachers introduced themselves in English.

    -The principal of "Tito Livio", Mrs Nicoletta Russello, or one of her collaborators, welcomed project members on behalf of the school community.

    -Target group students prepared activities, in English, for foreign students during both the weekend and the whole week.

    -Target group students introduced, in English, foreign students to the rest of the pupils.

    -Foreign students interacted orally in English with students, workers, and teachers of "Tito Livio".

    -Foreign students prepared a farewell speech, in English, to hosting students and families, and thanked them for their hospitality.-The international target groups and non-target groups prepared, conducted and assessed workshops against aesthetic discrimination.

    -The international target groups visited the artworks analysed for the aesthetic guide at Pianacoteca of "Brera". 

     -The international target groups finished the aesthetic guides through Smore app (from the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao, from Musée Royal de Mariemont in Belgium and from "Pinacoteca" of Brera of Milan). -Foreign students and their teachers could attend and be part of lecture on Latin, Greek and other subjects given in English. 

    -The international target groups discussed and evaluated project activities and results connected to objectives by means of a rubric that they have previously made. Pupils proposed and redirect work strategies.

    -Target groups and foreign students took part in a goodbye ceremony for pupils and families.

    26 January: Arriving in Milano

    27 January: Day with the families.

    28 January: Welcome to the Liceo Tito Livio and guided visit around the center of Milan.

    29 January: Working at the school, workshop on " Creating beauty" and visit to the Gallerie d`Italia.

    30 January: Work at the school and visiting the Pinacoteca Di Brera.

    31 January: Visit to Monza.

    1 February: Working at school, Visit to St Ambrogio Church and closure ceremony.

    2 February: Saying goodbye.