• Internal assessment

    The project has been included in the Center`s Yearly Plan and in the syllabus of the subject. 

    The project counted for the regular assessments. 

    The assessments are summative and final.

    The project`s assessments have been held in conjunction with the ordinary assessment of the subject.

    Students self-evaluated the degree of involvement and acquisition of the objectives during the process.

    Descriptors of interculturality

    Descriptors of plurilingualism

    Students will answer a satisfaction survey to give their opinions and suggestions. 

    Satisfaction survey

    External assessment 

    The project has been evaluated by the educational authorities in charge of the European projects and by the National Agency of each country. Besides, the project achieved the National eTwinning Quality Seal in Belgium. So the project has been evaluated by external agents.


    Indicators of achievement rubric

    Chart of project outcomes

    Achievement indicators: 

    Very poor: grade point average is less than 2

    Poor: grade point average is equal to or greater than 2 or less than 4

    Medium: grade point average is equal to or greater than 4 or less than 6

    High: grade point average is equal to or greater than 6 or less than 8

    Very high: grade point average is equal to or greater than 8

    The degree of achievement of the objectives in the final assessment of the two school years (2017-2018 and 2018-2019) has been highly satisfactory:

    Medium: 6.5%

    High: 40%

    Very High: 53.5%

    Students self evaluated their involvement and skill acquisition 

    Assessment of the BIS project 6th mobility in Kortrijk (4th-11th of may 2019)

    Survey on foster families BIS project 10th of may 2019.xlsx

    Assessment BIS project athena campus Pottelberg 10th of may 2019.xlsx