B.I.S. Beauty Is Subjective

B.I.S. project that tries to improve the learning-teaching process through different CLIL approaches, will be carried out by IES Urbi (Basauri, Spain), Athena campus Pottelberg (Kortrijk, Belgium) and Liceo Classico Tito Livio (Milano, Italy).

Project Journal

  • On 14th November, a parents meeting was hold at Urbi high school to prepare the 4th mobility .



    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 16.11.2018

  • After the second transnational meeting in Milano, students and teachers of Athena Kortrijk are very curious about the project!


    - Posted by Iris Speleers, 07.11.2018

  • We have worked hard, meet each other (specially the principals of the 3 schools: Mr.Lekunberri from Urbi; Mr. Vick from Atheneum Pottelberg; Mr Monopoli from Tito Livio) and organized 2018-19 school year activities.


    - Posted by Karmele López de Abetxuko, 07.10.2018

  • 2nd International Meeting at Liceo Tito Livio (Milano)


    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 05.10.2018

  • Salvete omnes! The second transnational meeting will take place at Liceo Tito Livio on October 4-7 in Milano.Teachers and principals for the three schools will participate at the event.
    Here you have the meeting agenda: revision of the intermediate report, setting up the international working groups, fixing the amount of students and dates for mobilities and planning the activities.


    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 30.09.2018