B.I.S. Beauty Is Subjective

B.I.S. project, that will be carried out by IES Urbi (Basauri, Spain), Athena campus Pottelberg (Kortrijk, Belgium) and Liceo Classico Tito Livio (Milano, Italy), -tries to improve the learning-teaching process through different CLIL approaches. -focuses on interdisciplinary/cross-curricular learning-teaching: Project contents will be develop in...

Project Journal

  • This week (October 16-22), we are responding to the questionnaires on plurilingualism and multiculturalism. Look at the page on questionnaires to do this.
    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 16.10.2017

  • Next week our students will present themselves in Twinspace platform.
    - Posted by Karmele López de Abetxuko, 13.10.2017

  • Hello everybody, here you have the call for the logo contest with the rules. remember: last day for logos submission: 2017, November 30.



    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 12.10.2017

  • During this week, we are presenting ourselves in latin and Ancient Greek in our wiki.
    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 12.10.2017

  • From October 5 to 8, we celebrated the first transnational meeting in Bilbao.

    06-10-2017Arr_opt (1).jpg

    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 12.10.2017