C4 - Sicily, Italia - short term student exchange

  •  19- 24 MarCH: our Institute had the pleasure to host our partners. The experience was amazing and further  cue of  human and professional growth .

    The activities  introduced have been various and we have divided all the participants into three groups tha,, in rotation, have taken part to the workshops.

    1st day:  Welcoming ceremony: songs, music, traditional dances, food and cannoli workshop!



    Ludum Science Centre:The visit to the Ludum Science Centre was very interesting with a thought-provoking introduction to the properties of solids, liquids and gasses. The pupils interacted very well with the scientist who explored, with the children, the subject of matter, its motion and how it interacts with energy and forces. As part of our visit to the Ludum Science Centre a larger-than-life scientist had the pupils enthralled with a series of experiments, many of which would not be out of place in a magic show. The theme was ‘Having Fun with Science’ and it certainly achieved its objective!

    2nd day: the most expected excursion om our volcano! The guides have shown us arounf the Crateri Silvestri and have illustrated the history, te facts and curiosities of Mount Etna, also by means of a gigantic plastic at the Museum of Etna: We took a bus close to the summit which has four distinct craters; it was bitterly cold and windy near the summit so we didn’t stay too long.



    3rd day: We showed about the flora and fauna of Sicily at Viagrande Lava Museum. We saw an excellent 3D movie and also got to examine the various types of volcanic rock and ash.We then went to Zafferana, at the Ulysses Cave. Here, the guides told the legend of the Giant Poliphemus and Ulysses, which will be dramatised on the very last day of the mobility from our little students. 




    In the afternoon, scientific workshops begin. Enterpreneurship for the touristic promotion odìf Etna villages: our students have prepared a brochre and in the workshop tastes, flavours and curiosities about our land have been introcìduced, together with a tasting of many products.

    Flora and fauna workshop: the most common minerals on our volcano, the floristic characteristics and the curiosities linked with the topic. 


    Last workshop of the day: observation on the microscope of leaves and flowers, typical of our volcano; the teachers have also shown  the extraction of the Dna from fruit.U All our guests, teachers and students, have taken part to these activities, walking in "scientific researchers" shoes!

    4th day: visit to the Volcanology and Geology National Institute of Catania, where a video on our volcano has been shown, together with all the information abouthe volcanic activities, and the several ways of volcano-monitoring.

    The monitor rooms and the working rooms have been shown, and the students have satisfied akl their curiosities also thanks to the great availability of the volcanologists.

    Back to school, we have proposed a workshop about our volcano, and after a short Ppt in english, the students have experimented how a volcanic eruption occurs.

    The second workshop was about making carnival masks out of papier machè. Our guests have made their own masks and had lots of  fun!!

    Last workshop of the day: a competition,  “The glossary game”, where students, divided in subgroups, had to put images, terminologies and meanings of scientific terms and ,more specifically, volcanologic terms, back together.

    5th day: the last day ha been full of tasks:  workshops, robotics, sports competitions, also a ,  flash mob!! 


    CODING workshops: In the first workshop, the students, divided in subgroups, had to interpretate a code message to escape from the labyrnth:

    In the second, students had to follow a code to colour flags, and in the third they had to program a robot:


    The parents and teachers prepared some great food with a wide selection of dishes, cakes and drinks for our farewell party.


    IInd workshop: Assessment with  Kahoot, an important moment to evaluate the learning abiities and the activities carried out in the week,

    3rd workshop: Arts. The pupils have painted freely on lava stones, and some of them have made real masterpieces! 

    Last workshop: Robotics, with a spectacukar scenography: a trial on the surgìface of Mars has been simulated. The rover Lego Mindstorm, commanded by the pupils , had to be driven by without touching obstacles. The competition has been won by only one group (Italy) but tall the participants have received a prize, and this workshop has been a real success!

    After the last dinner, our Headmistress has thanked all the guests , certificates have been awarded, together with some presents for eachers and students. 

    The results, absolutely positive,of this week has repaid the efforts and the commitment of the Italian teachers and school staff; the experience has been theme of growth for all of  us; the cooperation of so many teachers, the participation of so many students of our school have represented an important strong point from which  benefit for further experiences