Solar system in Zagreb - The hunt for planets

  • It has been known that Zagreb has a Sun. Actually, a Grounded Sun, sculpture made by Ivan Kožarić in 1971. It changed a few locations over the years but it has been situated in Bogovićeva street since 1994.

    The Grounded Sun has been a source of inspiration for many artists. Among them is a designer Davor Preis, who made an installation called Nine Views in 2004 – he placed nine models of planets (Pluto was still considered a planet at the time) all over Zagreb, which, along with the Kožarić’s Sun form a model of the Solar System. The planets’ sizes and distances from the Grounded Sun are in the same scale as the Grounded Sun itself.

    So the students went around the city to spot the Grounded Sun and some of the planets. The workshop was led by teacher Jasna Bartolović Rimac.