C3 - Croatia: short term student exchange

  • DAY 1 - 25.09.2017.

    The first day of the meeting started with welcoming our guests to our school that was specially decorated for this event. After the welcoming speech and different types performances by our students. There was singing and dancing and all the students loved it.

    After that the students took their guests on a tour around the school.

    Students were engaged in different ice-breaking activities that allowed them to get to know each other better.

    In the afternoon we had 2 lectures by the CERN scientist dr. sc. Ivica Puljak "The secret life of stars" and "Higgs Bozon". The students asked numerous questions and were very interested in the topics.



    DAY 2 - 26.09.2017.

    The day started with the sightseeing tour of the city Zagreb using QR codes. The students were divided into 3 groups and had tasks and activities about Zagreb's landmarks.

    After lunch students were divided into three groups and attended three different activities:

    1. Glagolitic alphabet (Crafts)- making


    2. Escaperoom - the students played a game where they had to solve numerous riddles and puzzles from astronomy, physics, geography, biology and mathematics. The story was thet they were astronuts trapped on the planet Mars and a big atseroid was heading toward the planet. The students had 60 minutes to send a signal to the spacecraft that was orbiting the planet in order for it to locate them and "save them".

    The student group that "escaped" planet Mars in the shortest time was the winner.

    3. Genial.ly workshops - making an interactive poster "From Zagreb with love" - students learned to cretate digital content in this amazing web 2.0 tool.


    DAY 3 - 27.09.2017.

    The students and teachers went on a field trip to Pula and the island Brijuni, one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia.

    DAY 4 - 28.09.2017.

    The students attended two workshops:

    1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Touristic promotion of Mars

    The students made touristic brochures, posters and touristic agencies and imaginary trips to Mars.


    2. STEAM workshop: Building a Mars habitat. Students designed and built a Mars habitat out of recycled materials. They had to build a hydroponic chamber, atmospheric chamber as well as the sleeping and working chambers along with the laboratory. At the end of the workshop, they presented their work.

    In the afternoon we had a big workshop Building and landing a spacecraft on Mars Map where the students were divided into international engineering teams. The students had to design a rover and lander in order to keep their astronaut (an egg) safe during the landing on Mars map.

    We were honoured by the visit of our deputy minister of education Ms Lidija Kralj and the TV crew from our national television HRT. They interviewed some of the teachers and students. They filmed the workshop and the launching of the lander and rover.

    DAY 5 - 29.09.2017.

    In the morning the students weredivided into groups and they attended two workshops:

    1. CSI workshop

    The students were divided into groups and they had to solve - scientific forenzic experiments in order to solve a crime. They did criminal profiling, chromatography, fingerprints detection, microscope detection, footprint detection....

    2. Kahoot assessment 

    The students attended a Kahoot quizz about all the things they have learned during this week.


    In the afternoon we organized a Star party where we said goodbye to all partners and gave out the certificates.