• Impact of the project – CROATIA

    Thank you to all the local community supporters that include:

    FRANCK company - the brend company from Croatia

    Dr.sc. Ivica Puljak, Croatian scientist and physicist in CERN

    Tourist office of the city of Zagreb,

    HUB 385 - center for inovation, creation and knowledge

    City Office for Education, Culture and Sports

    BUZZ ALDRIN, Share Space Foundation -  thank you for supporting our project and donating the GIANT MARS DESTINATION MAP.

    AMPEU - Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU - for making us a Good example practice and Erasmus + ambassadors and letting us share our knowledge and expertise

    Profil Klett - for dissemination

    CARNET - for dissemination and conferences invitations




    Impact of the project –Ireland

    We have been very fortunate to receive support from many local groups in order for this project in Gortskehy to be a complete success. Thank you.

    Local community supporters include:

    CMS Peripherals Limited - helped our project through primary sponsorship for balloon launch into space. We framed this picture for them to display in their headquarters.  

    Insert space pic ....

    Decare Dental – supported our project by being secondary sponsors on our balloon launch. They sent up one of their toothbrushes into space and gave each child in the school a dental gift.

    Insert toothbrush in space container pic ...

    Chris Hilcox – very kindly travelled over from England to help Gortskehy N.S. with our balloon launch. He came to the school and spoke with the pupils about balloon launches and constructed the actually containers which held the GPS equipment and representative pieces from our Erasmus partners to travel into space. He brought the necessary equipment and expertise required for the mission, without his help we would not have had such a successfully day!

    Insert pic of pupils, flags etc....

    Credit Union Claremorris – contributed to our launch day by sending out an ice cream van to make the day extra special for the pupils and local community who came out to support the project.

    Derek Dempsey – Newport Astronomer Derek Dempsey has been a great help this year in inspiring the pupils about the night sky and space in general. He gave a talk and presentation to the pupils. He answered countless questions and really opened up the curious minds of our young pupils. So much so that the 4th Class pupils choose to base their class play on a story of a girl called 'Buzz Ally' who becomes first girl to walk on the moon! When he came again in March he led the school and surrounding local community in a fantastic Star Gazing party.

    Olivia Tierney – the parents of our pupils have been our main supporters throughout this project. Without their constant help and support this project would not be possible for us to complete. They have donated gifts, given of their time and helped with transport during project work. Pictured below is Olivia Tierney donating a jigsaw- The Solar System to our school for our Space box.

    Insert pic . .


    Impact of the project – FRANCE

    Thank you to all the local community supporters that include:

    Jean-Pierre Lebreton, French scientist and physicist in CNRS and former scientist for ESA

    Chartres agglo' - tourism office of Chartres and its ambassadors

    Académie Orléans-Tours

    Canopé atelier 28 Chartres, network for pedagological creation and tutoring 

    CEMD, eletronic company, sponsor and support for 3D printing