Full STEAM Ahead

The “Full STEAM Ahead“ is a two-year long cross-curricular project created to help students to enrich, acquire and strengthen knowledge in the areas of Astronomy, robotics and coding by using carefully selected teaching methodologies. The project brings together approximately 150 teachers and 1300 students from 5 European countries (Croatia, Port...

Project Journal

  • Our Headmistress has handed the Certificates of participation to the mobility in Croatia to our Students!

    group photo with teachers.JPG

    - Posted by Valeria Cannizzo, 21.10.2017

  • Hi! It's the Italian group, Anthony (me), Giulia, Morena and Federico.
    Our experience in Zagreb was fantastic! We have found out new ways of living, traditions and so many other things.
    The things that we lived the most wee all the projects that we've done, new friendships we've made, and the amazing places we have seen.
    In the morning we used to wake up early, in order to arrive at school at 9 am nd get out in the afternoon.
    On MOnday they have welcome us with a show prepared by many classes, it was really nice. On tuesday we walked along Zagreb , doing activiies with an app called QR READER . We were divided into two groups, and it was fun, we even have taken a lot of photos and videos.
    We have made a lot of fun and nice activities! One day, we went to Brijuni, a fantastic island where there was a zoo with many animals like zebras, elephants, turtles and colourful parrots!!
    To get to Brijuni, we have taken a ferry, and the waters were chrystal clear; we were all amazed when we saw Brijuni's sea. The island was clean, with so many tourists, trees and plants. Even if we were really tired after that trip, it was amazing!
    On thursday, at school, we built a landerand a rover, and we were divided in groups. Us four Italians, we were with four French girls. In the lander, there was an egg; then, the lander had to be put into the rover, which we had to throw the rover from a high spot and, if the egg inside the rover got broken, the group would have failed the task. Luckily, our egg wasnt broken :)
    The last day we made an activity where we had to find the thief who sole all the computerrs from a school. It was really nice, We went out early that day, and we could visit Zagreb for one last time. At 5pm we came back to school, dressed up as there was a party. We danced, sang, ate and talked to Croatian, Portuguese, French students, it was a bit hard to say goodbye. In that week we had lots of fun and socialized a lot. They gave us a lot of presents (sweets, magnets, and a cup with the logo of the project).
    We left Zagreb really sadly, eve because our hosts hhad really made us having fun. We will do the same with them in March!!!

    - Posted by Anthony Arena, 17.10.2017

  • The 6th of July was a very nice day! the new french team met jean-Pierre Lebreton for the "hackathon". Students came up with 5 canva's presenting their ideas about how to solve some of the issue to prepare a Mars mission!

    IMG_20170706_112604 (2).jpg

    - Posted by vanessa desmoissons, 29.08.2017

  • the French students had a lot of imagination for the 3rd chapter of the "trip to Mars" story...They were happy reading the first two chapters written by their Sicilians and then Irish penpals! Emilie, Adeline, Açélia and Loudwig were very into it, Massena draw the "french" cover! Nice job!

    rédaction du chap3.png

    - Posted by vanessa desmoissons, 20.06.2017

  • There are ideas for the evening dress of the space

    tenue de soirée.png

    - Posted by Sara Merrouane, 01.06.2017