Full STEAM Ahead

The “Full STEAM Ahead“ is a two-year long cross-curricular project created to help students to enrich, acquire and strengthen knowledge in the areas of Astronomy, robotics and coding by using carefully selected teaching methodologies. The project brings together approximately 150 teachers and 1300 students from 5 European countries (Croatia, Port...

Project Journal

  • Hello,
    We have worked on a spacesuit to go on Mars.
    At first, we did researches about insulator for the Marsonaut combination.
    Then we have been doing an experiment to illustrate the pressure on Mars.
    Now we can start sewing the combination (the insulator sew under a tissue).

    Noa, Victor and Mathéo
    - Posted by Mathéo Oliveira, 16.01.2018

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays.png

    - Posted by Danijela Takač, 24.12.2017

  • Claudi Haigneré whishes good luck to students! She was the very French female astronaut who spent 6 month in the ISS in 2001 !

    - Posted by vanessa desmoissons, 17.11.2017

  • Claudie Haigneré, former French astronaut sent a video to support the students of the project! Amazing!
    - Posted by vanessa desmoissons, 12.11.2017

  • Working on the end chapter of our project's storytelling activity :)




    - Posted by Danijela Takač, 01.11.2017