Full STEAM Ahead

The “Full STEAM Ahead“ is a two-year long cross-curricular project created to help students to enrich, acquire and strengthen knowledge in the areas of Astronomy, robotics and coding by using carefully selected teaching methodologies. The project brings together approximately 150 teachers and 1300 students from 5 European countries (Croatia, Port...

Project Journal

  • Hii everybody !

    This week we welcomed the Portuguese and Croatians students on Sunday.

    Monday : The first activities were giant mastermind and memories. Then, the afternoon, we welcomed the italians students then they all went to Chartres for visited the town.

    Tuesday : The students built paper rockets and threw them out, after they customized neutral suits of marsonauts with paint. This afternoon thez did a DNA extraction activity.

    Wednesday : They went to the center stained glass at Chartres and this afternoon all students went to the rink.

    Thursday : Everybody went to Versailles palace to visit it with the teachers.

    Friday : They played to the board games create by the french students and this afternoon we went to the free afternoon and the party and school. Oriane & Lola
    - Posted by vanessa desmoissons, 24.05.2018

  • Hi, greetings from Croatia
    We spent a beautiful week in France and we would like to thank all of the students, teachers, families
    for amazing hospitality.
    It's been a pleasure to meet you, hope to see you again.
    Niki and Luka

    - Posted by Luka Broz, 23.05.2018

  • Hi, we are students from Croatia!
    We'd like to thank the Italian students, their families and teachers for the most beautiful week we spent in Catania.
    Zoe, Petra and Sara
    - Posted by ZOE GAMULIN, 11.04.2018

  • Go to Pages, then Mobilities: you will find the link for the QUESTIONNAIRE after the mobility in Italy!!
    - Posted by Valeria Cannizzo, 27.03.2018

  • We are waiting to meet our partners next week!!
    Italian students.


    - Posted by Valeria Cannizzo, 16.03.2018