Official rules

    The purpose of the contest is to design a logo, write a motto and draw a mascot for the Erasmus project “Full STEAM ahead“. The logo will be used on all published documents and used to promote the project.

    Students in all schools involved in the project are invited to design a mission patch that will be used as our logo, write a motto and draw a mascot. 

    Rules for designing logo

    The logo should consist of one or several symbols. Students can use any kind of materials, images, typography, photography, drawings or combination of them.  

    Students may include the name of the project or just some words involved in the project’s name when designing logo. No other text is allowed.

    All submitted mission patches must be original and should not be based on any pre-existing design. They have to be creative, imaginative designs inspired by space exploration.

    Rules for writing a motto

    Motto has to be a memorable slogan/phrase that summarize idea or purpose of our project. It cannot go over one short sentence.

    Rules for drawing a mascot

    Students can draw a mascot or use any webdesign tool. Make it simple and evergreen.


    Every school will select 2 winning logos, 2 mottos and 2 mascots. They must be uploaded on TwinSpace before November 27, 2016.

    There will be 10 logos in the LOGO folder, two from each school included in the project. In MOTTO folder there will be 10 mottos and in MASCOT folderthere will be 10 mascots. 25 students and teachers from each country included in the project can give two votes. It is not allowed to vote for logo designed in your school.

     When choosing the logo follow the basic principles:

    • Simple and original design which sends an intended message of the project
    • Memorable (effective)
    • Timeless
    • Versatile
    • Appropriate


    Voting will be possible online from 27th till 30th November 2016. A simple voting tool will be placed and used on Twin Space.

    The winning design will be used as official logo of the project from the 1st December onwards.



    Participation constitutes full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules.