C2 - Portugal - Short term students exchange

  • The opening ceremony of the Rio Maior meeting allowed each project partner to present their school, their region and their country.

    Students built replicas of rockets and satellites with recycled materials to motivate them to the importance that the discovery of the solar system has for humanity and for them to understand the importance of recycling to make our planet more sustainable.

    The visit to the Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon allowed students to develop their scientific skills by performing many experimental activities. Participation in a workshop called "Space Lab" was the highlight of the visit.

    On the third day of the meeting in Rio Maior the students performed experimental activities that allowed the production of oxygen and carbon dioxide components necessary for the development of life on Mars. His commitment was expetacular.
    On the fourth day of activities at the meeting in Rio Maior students had the opportunity to visit a greenhouse that produces agricultural products in a sustainable way. They were also informed that at present many greenhouses already produce vegetables without recourse to the soil, the plants have the root in water with mineral salts.
    On the fifth day two important activities were highlighted, the training of the astronaut held in the municipal pools and wokshop of LEGO. In the first activity the students realized the importance of having a good physical capacity to be astronauts and in the second they set up the LEGO rover and programmed it. Many learning was done !!!