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  • This twinspace opens for the third and last year of an erasmus+ project centered on sustainable mobility through a real electric car. This project is intended to be cross curicular for all subjects taught in secondary school.

    Students productions reached in the project can be seen on the public link

    year 1:

    year 2:

    year 3:

    This Erasmus+and etwinning project is between three vocational secondary schools from Bulgaria, France and Italy, for three years from September 2014 to July 2017 and coordinated by the French school. The project is opened to all subjects taught in school to students aged 15 to 19 years old and is based on electric vehicle technology and sustainable environment. The French school purchased a real electric vehicle, a Renault ZE, which is transported to each meeting site for students and teachers to collaborate live on it in many ways. This car will also contain tablets as a support for numerous and various documentations produced by students together.

    A code has been agreed to give transparency to this website.

    Bulgarian authors write in red using abbreviation BGFrench authors write in blue using abbreviation FR and Italian authors write in green using abbreviation IT whereas collaborative productions are published in black.

    All authors frequently use abbreviations BG, FR and IT to denote shortly partner countries, for example to identify partner students names.

    Pages titles mostly start with a subject noun to help visitors reach directly their center of interest.

    Each teacher decides how to sign in his students to the twinspace.

    French math teacher chooses in the math class to publish immediately all contributions to make them available to all because of the too many students to sign in (80 students per year).