5. The MATH 3.0 Timeline in Augmented Reality

  • In this final activity, kids are intended to create a chronolgical axis, showing periods and mathematicians.

    They have to : 

    • Add photos to the folder called CHRONOLOGICAL AXIS in the material section with the name of the mathematician, your name and your country ;
    • Write a few lines about his life you can share through this googledoc ;
    • Record a video presenting a highlight of the life of the mathematician (examples) ;
    • Add this video as an overlay on the photo of your mathematician using Aurasma Studio/HPREVEAL (login : etwinningbazin ; pass : bazin08)
    • Print your photos and your bios and bring them to France, we will stick them to the big TIMELINE as a final product. 




    TIMELINE in Augmented Reality


    The students created in international teams canvas about famous mathematicians

    They had to

    • add a photo,
    • write a short bio,
    • create a video explaining one highlight of the life of the mathematician
    • Overlay the video to the photo in Augmented Reality #HPREVEAL


    --> Click on the photo to get more details <--


    How it works ? 


    The videos from students playing one moment of the life of a famous mathematician overlaying the photo in the timeline :


    Alan Turing



    Einstein & Ramanujan 

    Blaise Pascal



    Isaac Newton

    Emmy Noether

    Collaborative Biographies :