// MEETING in Swarzędz (PL) April 2017 \\

  • 23-30.04.17 in Swarzędz there was a meeting of 8 participants (6 students and 2 teachers) from France, 8 participants (6 students and 2 teachers) from Iceland with students and teachers from Poland.



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    Sunday- Family Day

    Arrivals to Poznań Główny 19.30 – Icelandic guests, and to Poznań Ławica 18.35 – French guests


    Monday- Welcome Day 8.30 - 13.40

    visiting the exhibition of counting tools, the assignment of roles (photos, videos, diaries, responsible for meal orders, leaders of teams), dividing into international teams, finishing Colaborative Biographies, Szkocka Cafe – finishing the task, board games: Equations, Qwirkle, Mankala, Blokus


    Tuesday-Touristic Day 8.30 - 16.00

    visiting Porta Posnania, a mathematical treasure hunt run by international teams in the streets of the town to discover the  points of interest of Poznań from the mathematical point of view - city game “Codebreakers”


    Wednesday- Natura Day - 8.30 - 14.40 geocaching in Zielonka forest with international teams (6 teams x 4 students).


    Thursday – Sport Day – 8.30 - 14.40 matches in  basketball, badminton and other sport tasks, game “Frogs” and mazes, sudoku


    Friday-Educational Day - 8.30 - 12.40 lessons of English/German, Geography and Maths


    Saturday- Evaluation Day 9.30 - 13.00 art activities as a sum up of a meeting - project of design for shopping bag which will be printed for every participant, farewell meetings in the evening


    Sunday - Farewell Day

    2:15 AM Icelandic Guests from Poznań Główny - bus station, 2.10 PM French Guests from Ławica




    - Evaluation from Students -