A live concert at Flatland <3

    In this activity, the students write a song and draw a music hall in Flatland. 
    Since we are in 2D, the spectators should sit next to the others without space between them, to allow many people to attend this live concert.
    Mathematically speaking, we work on tesselations !

    Many pictures of students creating their own concerthall and sharing ideas for lyrics ...



    Hugo's song from France :


    I'm not here for speak about our dimension 
    Just wanna give u somme explication 
    Give me your attention for few second 
    You live in New World
    I don't Know why
    You can see  a line and a point 
    Square is equal two lines butt joining
     i'm disapointed
    Sorry i don't have more lead 
    But you valid
    Fuck if you never trusted me
    Yeah  isn't finish 
    of course I'm an english man 
    But stay please i can rap in polish
    Maybe I'm the best maybe i wish 
    I can lie you can't verify
    i'm above you you're terrify 
    Hurry up to learn 
    you're going to burn
    don't turn arround u 
    i see all of u boo 
    don't send cue because i'm the new god
    You can see i learn my lesson
    I have never seen the sun 
    Because i'm in 2dimension 
    Maybe you have understand

    Robin's song from France :

    I am an arrow,
    Waiting for tomorrow...
    In this dimension,
    Waiting... for the ovation...
    I am flat! Iam flat!
    You should believe that!
    I am flat! I am flat!
    You should know... that!
    What a strange word, 2D,
    Only 2, not 3!
    Yes it's me....


    Matteo's song from France :