// MEETING in Hafnafjordur (ISL) November 2017 \\

  • The reception in the hall of Víðistaðaskóli.  Polish, French and Icelandic students with School principals.


    A music scene at the reception.  Áróra plays the piano and sings.



    Geometry project from Poland.  Icelandic students make geometric models. 


    Binary project from France, Icelandic students participate with Nicolas Houbert.


    Model competition, one of the excercises the groups competed in.  Making the highest model with straws.

    Geometry models in the making, international groups try it out. 



    Groups compete in Math Riddles.


    The making of the Erasmus logo in the Mosaic artpiece.

    Information about the meeting.

    The presentation prepared by Wojciech Koszela


    Presentation of the trip in Iceland from french students :