1. Flatland : Discover the world in 2D


    I. Life at FlatLand

    1. Watch the movie.
    2. Give your opinion about the movie in the padlet.
    3. Draw a Flatland (a map any shaped) and add some people there.
      What can be the shapes of the flatlanders ?
    4. Imagine a meeting between two flatlanders.
      According to their shapes, imagine how one flatlander sees another flatlander ? Invite a line in Flatland as well, What happen when you meet her ? Draw the scene and write a funny dialog between them.
      Play the scene in front of your friends.
    5. Imagine concert at Flatland on saturday Night. The concert hall is rectangular shaped.
      Assuming that the first day, only the squares are invited at the concert. Imagine how they could sit next to the other without space between them (very easy)...
      Draw the concert hall full of flatlanders.

    6. Draw the same concerthall, when the spectators are triangles, arrows. 
      Can you invite any shapes at the concert if you want no space between them ?
    7. Invite EscherMen. These people are made from EscherLand, a Region of FlatLand. You can find an example below. How could you create them ?
    8. Explain what a tessellation is.

    9. Imagine being a rockstar in FlatLand. Write lyrics in english to be sung during the concert with the keywords Dimension / FlatLand / 2D.

    10. FlatAC/DC


    Students outcomes :