1. History of numbers : from natural to complex numbers



    In this part, the students present details of the history of numbers answering these points :

    A. Warm up : Find the most interesting story about numbers or interesting picture or puzzle connected with the topic – it should be short and easy to understand.

    B. In that lesson you should answer for at least these questions:

    - Where and when the numbers were invented?

    - Why 0 and 1 weren’t at first treated as real numbers ?

    - When 0 was firstly accepted as a number and why?

    - Which numbers came first : negative or fractions?

    - Which irrational number is the first known one?

    - What was the purpose of accepting the root of -1 When was it done and by whom?

    - What are the relations between the sets of numbers: natural, integers, rational, irrational, real and complex and how it refers to actions between numbers.

    C. You have to propose some tasks to check

    - the understanding of relations between  different sets of numbers,

    - the way of use of appropriate symbols,

    - recognition of different type of numbers,

    - actions between numbers

    D. Sum up – propose a poster or happening about the world of numbers.