Project description


    MATH 3.0 (Maths an Amazing Trip through History) is a two years long Erasmus+ / eTwinning project involving schools from three European countries : Poland, Iceland and France. The age of the participating students is 15-19.



    The aim of “MATH 3.0 Amazing Trip through History” is to prepare a set of scenarios and materials of Math lessons which will take advantage of using history of Math to achieve deeper understanding of chosen concepts included in the curriculum and to improve transversal language and digital competences. We want to verify the scenarios in different countries and  present how they work through videos.


    The 3.0 is the way we will make our students work on these math concepts. Actually, the students will rediscover the old theorems or mathematicians through new and innovative tools such as The Augmented Reality, the 360° videos, the Cardboard, the Android workshop, Geocaching and Other ICTs tools ! 


    This trip through european history helps us underline the cultural heritage from Europe years after years, centuries after centuries. It shows what we have in common, how each country developps its society around science.