5.How to calculate faster? - a discovery of logarithms.

  • 1. How to calculate faster?    - a short story about discovery of logarithms.

    Especially multiplication was difficult to make it faster - it brought a discovery of logarithms. Thanks to charts invented by Napier multiplication could be replaced by addition. It was effective especially for big numbers.                                                                             

    2. First steps
    - Calculate a few examples of powers and roots.
    - Provide a few examples of equations


    and let students guess the value of the exponent x.

    - Definition of logarithm. Calculate a few simple examples.

    3. Introduction to the properties of  logarithms:
    - Logarithm of a power,
    - Logarithm of a product,
    - Logarithm of a ratio,
    - Changing the base of a logarithm.
    Solving sample exercises.

    4. Examples of  the practical use of  logarithms.
    5 Homework:

    Prepare a quiz on Kahoot platform to play between teams 


    First version of that lesson which took place in Polish school  a month before the meeting in Swarzędz it shown below


    Here you can find presentations used during the lesson