4. Algebra and Pi

  • Let's celebrate the Pi week and algebra together !


    For this special event, we collaborate around 6 experimentations about Pi, and we whare our discoveries online !

    Find information about Pi and create a poster showing the different ways to find Pi.

    Experimentations at school : 


    • The needles of BUFFON
      Throw a set of needles or matches on a striped floor ;

    • The MonteCarlo method and beans :
      Throw a set of beans in a square with a quarter of a circle inscribed ; 

    • The Pi necklace :
      Use a different color for each number from 0 to 9 and create a pearl necklace following the shape of the sequence of digits ;

    • Pi in Pie :
      Find the number of each digit in the first 1000 digits of pi, and draw a circular diagram with their frequencies

    •  Tennis can problem
      Students are given a tennis ball can filled with three tennis balls. They are to determine a relationship between the circumference of one tennis ball and the height of the can.

    •  ​​​ 
    • Toilet paper problem
      Students are given a roll of toilet paper. They are to determine a relationship between one tour of paper and the number of diameter this stripe holds.