• Hello everyone.

    In this activity, we would like to invite you to take part in the Kahoot quiz. If you know it and have account there, you should find the Kahoot called: You are the picture and answer the questions. You can also find the quiz here: https://create.kahoot.it/#quiz/4d4d79a5-240b-438a-a6f5-ba62d65d9561. That's all. Very easy. Questions are easy too. At the end save results and put them here. 

    If you don't know Kahoot yet, you can learn about it, for example here: 


    or here:


    There are 12 questions that you have to answer while playing Kahoot. Most of the answers are in the video below, produced by SmartHistory. Watch it carefully and get prepared before you start playing.



    Have a nice game!

    Results of Kahoot playing.

    ZSNr1 im.KEN Nowy Sącz, Poland            Cumhuriyet Anadolou Lisesi Corum, Turkey


    ZSNr1 Limanowa, Poland          27th General Lyceum of Athens, Greece