•      Dear participants,

          WELCOME to our project: 'You are the picture'.

    Let's start our online art journey by introducing ourselves and getting to know each other by answering the question: If I were a painting, which one would I choose? Choose any painting that comes to your mind (think of your favourite ones or search for finding one) and tell us why you chose it and how it is related to your personality, feelings, interests and lifestyle.

    Below, you can see 3 padlets. The backgrounds of the padlets depict 3 famous paintings by: 1. W. Turner, 2.C. Monet, 3. G. Richter.Choose any padlet you like and on the right hand corner, press the red icon with the plus button   +   and a window will open for you to write. In the title, write your name and country and in 'write something..', provide your answer.

    Have a good start!!

    NOTE. The total space of the padlet is not visible right now but it holds many answers. When students start writing, arrows will appear which can be scrolled downwards and show it all. It is advisable that students of different schools get mixed up on the padlets.