Titles and votes

  • Dear participants,

    Your January project photos are amazing once more. They can be works of art by themselves. Looking at them ,one can imagine the story of the depicted scene, wonder about the characters' background and get inspired to provide a title of the photo.

    And here is your task! Although you know the title of the paintings, let them aside for a little, take your time , look at the photos, let your imagination work and invent your own title for any of the photos you wish. Write your title in the 'Add argument' section in the Tricider below and then vote for the photo that impressed you the most.

    Tips for writing a title

    Get inspired by the event or a character in the photo.

    Base your title on an impression, feeling, image you get from the photo.

    Write a short, condense sentence or a question

    Make your title serious, mysterious, funny, catchy.

    Rules for voting:

    • You are allowed to give up to 10 votes.
    • All votes are visible so once you vote you must write your name and the initial of your surname and your country for ex. John R,GR or Claudia M,PL... ATTENTION. If more than one school from the same country participates in the project ,please write the name of the city eg Toledo, Madrid, Limanowa..
    • You are NOT allowed to vote for your own school's photo. 
    • Votes that do not follow the above instructions will be deleted.

    NOTE. You can scroll down to make all screen visible or use the X symbol for full screen.