Photos related to Easter

  •                                                                              EASTER TIME

    On this page, we upload photos related to the theme of Easter. Below,  we have collected photos produced  by partner  schools in previous Project pages  and new ones (optional task). 

    Best wishes for a Happy Easter Holiday!!          


    Zespół Szkół nr 1 im. KEN Nowy Sącz,Poland



    "Dyngus"-"Easter Monday custom of drenching people with water" by Zofia Stryjeńska (1891 - 1976) ,from the exhibition in the National Museum in Cracow, Poland in 2008


                                                        27th General Lyceum of Athens, Greece



                           Salvador Dali, Crucifixion 'Corpus Hypercubus,Metropolitan Museum


                                       I.C. "NELSON MANDELA" Roma, Italy







                María Zambrano-Leganés-Madrid-España



                                                                                                                   La ultima cena, Leonardo da Vinci


                                          LICEUL TEORETIC "IANCU C. VISSARION",TITU, ROMANIA




                                                                           The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, 1497, Milano


                           Liceo Classico Giacomo Leopardi - Recanati (Italia)



                                                      Giotto, Il bacio di Giuda


        María Zambrano-Leganés-Madrid-España



                                                                                                           The burial by Rubens




                                                              "El descendimiento" - Caravaggio


                                                              Liceo Veronese Chioggia Italy 




                                                                                              The Entombment by Raphael,Rome