• Dear participants,

    It's evaluation time!

    Our online journey seems to come to an end, so what about telling us what is your overall impression about our project? Fill in this evaluation questionnaire and let us know! The  results of the questionnaire will be published    




    See the Results of the Evaluation Questionnaire below the padlets



    Farewell. On the padlets (our posters!) below, click on the cross in the red circle and a window will open for you to say goodbye to your partners and tell us one thing that you will miss from this collaboration.

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    Made with Padlet


                                         Evaluation Results

    Dear participants,

    Thank you for your Participation in the Evaluation Questionnaire. Your contribution was valuable. In the link below, you can see the results of your responses.

    or in the word excel below

    Below, you can see the total school participation, age of participants and a selection of students' opinions.