11th Junior High School of Ilion


    March Equinox

    Sunday, 20-03-2022 teacher @home measurement

    Gnomon: 40cm Shadow: 31.1cm Angle: 37.9°

    (Spring is here 😊! Snowing in Athens today 😕but sunny for 10 mins 12:25-12:35  during solar noon's window! 🍀🍀🍀)


    Tuesday 22 March 2022

    Measurement by B2b ICT class

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:30.5cm Angle: 37.3°

    Solar noon and measurement at 12:33 local time

    Working on a shared google slide about Equinox


    Monday 04 April 2022

    Measurement by B2a ICT class

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:25.1cm Angle: 32.1°

    Solar noon at 13:28 and measurement at 13:26 local time


    Tuesday 05 April 2022

    (Νο ΝοοΝ Shadow Day @Guarne, Colombia)

    B2b ICT class, parental permissions signed, students registration in twinspace, avatar, profiles, working on students corner in the Forum

    Working on students' forums

    5 mins before solar noon (it was at 13:28 local time) both classes B2a and B2b were in the yard and had a group photo and a measurement

    Gnomon:100cm Shadow:61.9cm Angle: 31.8°

    Monday 11 April 2022

    Presentations of the 2 basic videos-Eratopsthenes method and the Collaborative method

    Pretest B2a

    Tuesday 12 April 2022

    Pretest B2b

    Working on SID Shared sheet


    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:22.2cm Angle: 29° (Measurement at 13:30-solar noon 3-4 mins earlier)

    Registration of the data in the shared google sheet



    Wednesday 13 April

    Measurement Gnomon:40cm Shadow:21.8cm Angle: 28.6° (Solar noon and measurement 13:26)


    Easter Sunday 24 April 2022

    teacher #EratosAtHome at #easter2022 Holidays

    Gnomon:60cm Shadow: 28cm Angle: 25°

    Wishes for days full of health and light! Χρόνια πολλά!


    Friday 29 April 2022

    teacher #EratosAtHome at #easter2022 Holidays

    Gnomon:60cm Shadow: 26.1cm Angle: 23.5°


    Sunday 01 May 2022

    teacher #EratosAtHome at holidays

    Gnomon:60cm Shadow: 25.4cm Angle: 22.9°

    Tuesday 03 May 2022

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:16.5cn Angle:22.4°

    (sorry for the vague photo but we were very lucky to take the measurement just secs before heavy cloudy sky that followed for hours)

    The students today:

    a) have started the creation of a map using data from the twinspace and partners schools pages. We will use a padlet in the following meeting to post what has impressed them and we will try to create a game about the partner countries. We will share the doc with anyone who would like to collaborate in this activity

    b) have experimented with the curve of the earth's activity


    Monday 09 May Happy Europe Day, Happy eTwinning Day


    "In which of the following featured landmarks around Europe would you prefer to have a measurement? Why so?"

    The B2a class studies the relevant page in Europa site (Learning Corner) and transfers them in a map that students create adding some more info (videos, etc). The completion of the map and the voting in Mentimeter for the dream place for an Eratosthenes measurement are pending work for the next week

    Tuesday 10 May

    a) working on the eSafety collaborative activity to create posters based on all partner students' tips that are posted on the shared google sheet



    b) Measurement during the break (local time 13:25)

    c) live event 

    Monday 16 May 2022

    a)Working on Copyright (teacher's presentation and text editing as computer's lab was offline today)

    b)an answer by Kelly in the Copyright forum using teacher's laptop and wifi

    c)Measurement: Gnomon=40cm Shadow=13.7cm Shadow=18.9° ατ 13:27


    Tuesday 17 May 2022

    First editing of the page by Basilis

    "Our geogebra result with France


    This Geogebra figure on yesterday's measurements was created by Basilis

    The whole class has worked in the GeoGebra  today, downloading the model files and using the N-N file with the data from the shared google sheet where the measurements are registered


    Also a measurement at 13:27(some mins after the solar noon, during school's break)

    Gnomon=40cm Shadow=13.4cm Angle=18.5°

    Basilis has registered the measurement in the shared sheet after.



    Monday 23 May 

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:12.6cm Angle=17.5° (measurement at 13:30)


    The session with the students one hour earlier; students worked on two collaborative google slides one for our class and one shared with all the partners about solstice and equinox

    Partners can download the pdf file here:

    Iσημερίες και Ηλιοστάσια-Ίλιον.pdf

    Tuesday 07 June 2022

    Basilis measurement at home. He had posted the measurement at our padlet and he had updated the shared to the project google sheet on his own! SUPER!

    Tuesday 14 June 2022

    Basilis measurement at home. He had posted the measurement at our padlet and he had updated the shared to the project google sheet on his own! Congratulations, Basilis! BRAVO!

    Thursday 16 June 2022

    Alex's measurement at solar noon 13:25

    Gnomon:100cm Shadow:26cm Angle:14.6°. 

    School's classes and exams are over and C' grade students that have participated in Eratosthenes 2019 were at school for some artistic interventions

    Tuesday 21 June-summer Solstice!

    a) Measurement at home by Basilis (bravo!!!)  is posted in the padlet of B2b class and is registered in the shared to the project google sheet

    b) Measurement at school yard with the help of the math teacher, at 13:25

    Gnomon=40cm Shadow=10.4cm Angle=14.6°

    We have kept Basili's registration for Ilion's measurement


    Thursday 28 July 2022


    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:13.7cm Angle:18.9°

    Measurement at 13:25 (solar noon at 13:31 local time) by the teacher (summer holidays in Greece, but today teacher had "summer duty"-opening the school)


    06 September 2022

    Local solar noon at 13:24

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece (30.033N, 23.697E)

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:24.6cm Angle:31.6°

    Wishes for a joyful new school year with new #eTwinning adventures


    15 September 2022

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:27.9cm Angle:34.9°

    Thank you dear Alvaro (our partner from Colombia) for the wonderful dome -a model of sun path-!



    Solar noon at 13:19 local time

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:29.6cm Angle: 36.5°

    We are thankful to our partner, Alvaro from Colombia (Astrofanaticos Group) for creating the template for a Freinet small book about the Equinox. We have translated it into Greek and we will use it with the Greek students

    The original pdf that Alvaro has created is uploaded in the materials/files


    23 September-Equinox

    Measurement and results

    Gnomon:40cm Shadow:31.4 Angle:38.1°

    Posters at our school entrance and sharing the small books about the Equinox to our school's community

    Posters created in the ICT class by C2b that as B2 had started the project Eratosthenes 2022 bin March


    Dissemination in the social media

    An article on our school's web site:


    26 September 2022


    Today, Ilion's team has started the Code Week activities

    The students also have started filling the mid-term evaluation form that Aigio has created (results are loading soon)