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    January   [ top ⇑ ]
    Date Gnomon(cm) Shadow(cm) Angle(°) Declination Solar noon
    23 January 30.4 47.5 57.4 -19.35 12:37



    C2b students pretest and measurement (delay 10 mins)

    25 January 30.4 46.7 56.9 -18.86 12:38



    C4b students pretest, registered, login and short exploration of project's twinspace-measurement (delay 10 mins)

    Students working on pretest (google form) (created by Aigio teacher on questions created collaboratively by Aigion, Ilion and Lafrancaise teachers)  

    February   [ top ⇑ ]
    Date Gnomon(cm) Shadow(cm) Angle(°) Declination Solar noon
    01 February 30.4 43.5 55.1 -17.07 12:39


    C4b : students presentation on padlet and etw desktop profiles

    20 February 30.4 35 49 -10.84 12:39


    C2b : students presentation on padlet and etw desktop profiles

    22 February C4b: students working on earth's movements-guided web search and shared google slide in drive
    27 February 30.4 31.8 46.3 -8.25 12:39


    C2 students' measurement-Preparing artwork  

    March   [ top ⇑ ]
    Date Gnomon(cm) Shadow(cm) Angle(°) Declination Solar noon
    01 March 30.4 -cloudy!!!-  :( -7.54 12:37

    Too pity as today theoretical angle was around 45

    (45.6)*** and we discussed the ways we could use this and the way Thales has used this to measure pyramids' height in Egypt. Finally, creation on school's google drive of a slide for March equinox

    *** for every 100cm of measured shadow the gnomon would be 100+2.1 cm

    08 March 30.4 28.3 43 -4.83 12:36
    Activity C4b measurement and work in geogebra 
    20 March 39 30.5 38 -0.15 12:33
    Activity C1 special measurement for the equinox
    01-03-2018  Collaborative work in a slide for vernal equinox (after Thales "misfortune")


    08 March 2018


    April   [ top ⇑ ]
    Date Gnomon(cm) Shadow(cm) Angle(°) Declination Solar noon
    19 April  60 28.6 25.5

    11.27 (theoretical angle=26.8)



    C4a students:training in google slide and drawing the geogebra figures (photos on April's slide)

    24 April 30.4 14.1 24.9 13.01 13:23


    C2b students started working on shared google sheet on data collected by our school on 2018. Results from graphs pending

    26 April 30.4 13.7 24.3 13.66 13:23


    C4a students: web search( on subject "What eratos has to do with van gogh?"), brainstorming on mentimeter for "bonds" among them and started working on na collaborative google slide for them (photos on Aprils slide). Next session will be on May 08 (c2b) and 10(c4b)

    ***Photos for students working in Geogebra and in shared Google sheet to register data and for all April's activities are posted in the following April's gallery"


    May   [ top ⇑ ]
    Date Gnomon(cm) Shadow(cm) Angle(°) Declination Solar noon
    03 May 30.4 12.3 22




    Spreadsheet on drive collecting data from last year's messurements

    09 May 30.4 11.5 20.7 17.4 13:21


    C4 class in rush(not a seesion today-measurement because Hyderabed had no noon shadow day)

    17 May 30.4 10.3 18.7 19.45 13:21


    C4 class working on google drive -presentations


    From May's activities: Working on shared google sheet

    From 26 April's activities: Eratosthenes and Van Gogh

    Δείτε το βίντεο για τον Van Gogh  και το βίντεο για τη μέτρηση της Περιφέρειας της Γης από τον Ερατοσθένη που δημιούργησαν οι μαθητές της Πετρούπολης και συζητείστε τα συμπεράσματά σας από τα δύο παραπάνω βίντεο στο mentimeter(slide2) που ακολουθεί (Watch the 2 videos that follow below ; one is about Eratostjenes method created by Petroupoli's stydents and the 2nd video is about Van Gogh. Then try to answer the questions of Mentimeter). Group discussion in class will follow.)

    Hint: Try to spot these words on the video and maybe you could use them on mentimeter

    mind -  eyes -  recognise patterns and descride them - hardest concepts in nature - art/geometry to depict the way it looks - movement - fluid  -  light - age of suffering

    Video A (created by Petroupoli's students):

    Video B about Van Gogh:

    Results in Mentimeter

    Mentimeter slide 2


    Mentimeter slide 1 

    Students evaluation of the project: "A word that comes to your mind connecting to this project"




    Last year in Eratosthenes 2017 (in December 2017) Bill had created a project in scratch calculating the Distanceampng two places when their latitudes were given (we had the pleasure that project to have been remixed by our partners in Colombia and translated in Spanish)

    This year in April, a project was created in scratch by Aggelos (11th Junior High School of Ilion) which calculates the Circumference of the earth as a result of the data provided of the measurements of two partners. Aggelos team had worked the part that the two partners schools are on the same hemisphere; in checking the other cases he had help from the teacher.

    Bill's scratch project for eratosthenes 2017(link):

    Angelos scratch project for Eratosthenes 2018(link):



    Some presentations here and all of them google drive -school's account(link):





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