We register activities in the Europe Code Week map using the same code4all: cw22-sDN64

    (How to? Guidelines here)


    (please add in the following list  the name of your town and the link to the event you have registered in the Code week map)








    Ideas for the activities in our classes:


    I. "It all seems Hieroglyphs to me"

    We use the online coder that our project's pedagogical advisor and administrator, Mr. Vayssie, has created:

    Hieroglyph translator in fullscreen


    STEP 1: Create coded messages

    a) Go to the translator's page

    b) Type your message using the keyboard of the tool (your message should be short and about something that is related to the project)

    c) Take a screenshot of your message, edit the screenshot, eg using Windows Paintbrush, and keep the coded part (in hieroglyphs) only

    d) Upload the coded part of your screenshot in Materials/Images/CodeWeek folder

    e) Post your coded message in the forum and on the padlet (on the column under their town's name)


    If your message is this

    then the screenshot that you must post in the forum and in the padlet is this:

    STEP 2: Decode the coded messages of other students

    a)On the forum:

    1. Check a posted coded message in the forum

    2. Click QUOTE

    3.  Look at the following photos to see what letter goes to what symbol

    4. Post the decoded message

    b) On the padlet:

    Each student writes a comment under one of the coded messages starting with his name and the decoded message after



    II. Have you adored the coder?

    Then, here is a new one! Try it, create a NEW event  in the code week map using the same code4all code cw22-sDN64 and post the links of your events in the padlet under the column of your town and your coded messages in the  forum and in the padlet


    ΙΙΙ) More ideas? 

    We can adopt any coding/computational thinking activity that partners propose. An example is scratch projects -messages to the partners using the photos of their measurements that they have posted in Materials in their schools' folder (eg check this studio in scratch that Ilion's students had created for Eratosthenes 2021

    We create new event in the Code week map for each coding/programming activity we have with our students using the same code4all cw22-sDN64

    We post our Code Week Certificates here:



  • Photos of our classes working on the code week activities

    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    Creating coded messages in Hieroglyphs (26-09-2022)