Solar noon

  • All the measures must be synchronized at local solar noon

    Toutes les mesures doivent être synchronisées au midi solaire local .

    Aim:  Identify the shortest shadow and its direction towards the north (northern hemisphere)  

    Observation   Record the position of the shadow during the day  

    Production  Gif animated, slideshow or timelapse video

    Productions from previous years

    Objectif:  Identifier l'ombre la plus courte et sa direction vers le nord (hémisphère nord) 

    Observation  Enregistrer la position de l'ombre pendant la journée 

    Production  Gif animé, diaporama ou vidéo image par image (timelapse)

    Productions des années précédentes



    Experimental activity in our school yard using the volleyball pole as a gnomon.

    Students marked the shadows with a chalk during lesson breaks.

    Discussion in classroom using geogebra by Romeo Sardu, Pogana Romania.

    Students filled the poll.

    More photos from the experimental activity



    Shadows during the day.    Image for the Poll.

  • Solar noon

  • Look at the above image "Shadows during the day". Which shadow corresponds to solar noon?
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