Do you like the above photos?  

    The first one is the official logo of safer internet day 2022.

    The second one is a slight alteration of the first so that it is related to our project.  Do you think that we can use it? Why yes or why not?

    Fill the pole and right your thoughts in the forum.


  • Can we use the second photo in webpages, files, etc?
    Yes, it is almost similar to the first one
    0 votes (0%)
    No, the second photo is not very nice
    2 votes (16.67%)
    Yes, because the second photo is related to the project
    1 vote (8.33%)
    No, because we have never the right to change photos
    0 votes (0%)
    No, because we have not the right to change the first photo. It is copyright protected.
    9 votes (75.00%)