Safer Internet Day

  • Etwinning Eratosthenes project and internet safety

    - We communicate with students and teachers that we do not know. But they are students and teachers in real schools in the protected Etwinning community. Yes we trust them!

    - We post photos, but we are aware of taking safe photos, that cannot be harmful for us.

    - We use mainly safe twinspace tools (forum, pages, etc).

    - We are aware of internet dangers and try to use technology wisely.

    Our project gives the opportunity to discuss about internet safety and learn how to act and collaborate safely.


    Activities for safer internet

    A. On the occasion of safer internet day (8/2/2022) students worked on a common spreadsheet and wrote do's (secure) and don'ts (insecure).

    Students from Malovăț, Busteni, Aigio, Pogana and Bizerte have already written in the spreadsheet.

    B. Students are invited to use data from the spreadsheet and create posters.

    They can use any tool they like (e.g. They can also create a poster in paper (drawing).

    C. Later on we will vote for the best one.


    Posters for safer internet created by our students


    1. Eleanna Kanelli, Aigio - 16/2/2022




  • Files for Safer internet

    Downloaded common spreadsheet - pdf

    up to 17-2-2022

    Downloaded common spreadsheet - xlsx

    up to 17-2-2022


    Malovăț Romania Scoala Gimnaziala Malovat

    Safer Internet Day

    Malovăț Romania Scoala Gimnaziala Malovat

    Dimitra, Ilion
    Katerina, Ilion
    Dimitra Kl-Ilion
    Christos, Ilion
    Ilion's poster on partners' web-safety-tips