Curve of the Earth

  • Aim: Show the curve of the Earth 

    Observation   With a flat Earth, same shadow in Alexandria and Aswan  With a curved Earth: a shadow in Alexandria and no shadow in Aswan 

    Production  Photographies of both observations

    Productions from previous years

    Objectif: Montrer la courbe de la Terre 

    Observation  Avec une Terre plate, même ombre à Alexandrie et à Assouan  Avec une Terre courbe : une ombre à Alexandrie et pas d'ombre à Assouan 

    Production  Photographies des deux observations

    Productions des années précédentes

    Carl Sagan "Cosmos" Episode 1 (1980)


    Print or draw a kind of egypt map (included in page), stick 2 small vertical things on the map (Alexandria, Syene), and under sun light guide students to curve the paper so that there is shadow in Alexandria and no shadow in Syene. Also notice that if the paper (earth) is flat this cannot be done.

    Take a photo of it. Afterwards students in class or at home comment in forum (write something about this experiment).

    Experiment in Pogana  using Geogebra


    Experiment in Aigio





    Experiment in Busteni

    Shadows on a flat earth.

  • Curve of the Earth

    Egypt map
    Egypt map
    Curve of the earth - Geogebra

    In Aigio we used geogebra figure made by Pogana, in our school lab to show the curve of the earth and the shadows.