Primary school Popovac, Croatia

  • Primary school Popovac is located in Baranja, at the east side of Croatia. Our school has 94 pupils between ages of six and fourteen, in 14 classes from first to eighth grade. There are 38 employees, of which 26 are teachers. Except the school in Popovac, we have two district schools in the nearby villages Kneževo and Branjina.

    Our school's vision is to be an open school that is modernly equipped, in which the pupils gladly come to acquire knowledge regarding their abilities and interests, and to develop skills necessary for life.

    We are proud to be an eco-school. We deserved the diamond eco-school status because of our high quality eco-activities that we've been doing for many years. Our pupils take part in different competitions where they have won many prises, which are the best way to show how hard work pays off.

    Parents also take part in our school's work. The school works well with the local community which often helps. We regularly present our work to the public through different media and take care of the school's reputation.

    Our primary school is the main center of all events in our small village.

    We do lots of projects in class, as well as in extracurricular activities, such as: drama group, little artists, dance group, school choir, reciters, web journalists, origami, little librarians, folklore, ecological group, volleyball, robotics, cultural heritage (KDBZ) group and Marija's meals. Since May 2018, we have a school cooperative “(Re)Kreativne Pčelice“ where most of the mentioned activities are held.

    We are a small school, but we learn and create a lot and we enjoy it.

    We are looking forward to participate in the project Living greenly and here we will present all our eco-actions and eco-workshops.



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    Osnovna škola Popovac






    Osnovna škola Popovac