vos opinions sur le projet/ your final thoughts

  •              here are our final reflections in English if you are French  or Polish, in French or English if you are Italian



    I learned...                                                                              j'ai appris......

    I will remember…                                                                     je me rappelerai.....

    I was pleased that...                                                                  j'ai été content de...

    An interesting part was...                                                        J'ai trouvé particulierement intéressant....

    Someone helped me with...                                                      Quelqu'un m'a aidé à.....

    I wonder if...                                                                                je me demande si....

    I was surprised when...                                                              j'ai été surpris quand....


                                             let's start!!!                                  on y va!!!             

    j'ai appris à utiliser deux langues étrangères au même temps, en différent situations

    Je me rappelerai les idées originales de mon correspondent qui m'a donné un autre point de vue sur le problème de la TAV. En effet je voyais seulement le négatif.

    J'ai trouvé particulièrement intéressant de traiter des sujets d'actualité à l'école et pouvoir me confronter avec mes professeurs, mes camarades, mes copains européens.

    I was surprised when I learned that French students have a different school timetable and go on holiday for two weeks in April while Italian students go to school.

    The teachers helped me to improve my foreign languages and to know new words, which are useful to write more correctly.

    I was pleased to be in contact with people from different countries and learn about some of their thoughts and traditions concerning various topics.


    Riccardo Donolato




    I learned to find an agreement with my classmates and foreign partners between different topics and in my opinion it has been a good thing.

    An interesting part was this: how it has been possible to write an article starting from a vague idea.
    I wonder if the article could be published on a real newspaper.
    Quelqu'un m'a aidé à trouver les bons mots pour écrire un bel article.
    Je me rappelerai que quand j'irai à Amsterdam je suivrai l'itinéraire de l'article
    J'ai été content de travailler avec d'autres camarades provenant d'autres pays européens
    J'ai été surpris de découvrir que, à Amsterdam, il n'y a pas tellement d'habitations
    I learnt to work on a platform.
    Benedetta, who was my partner in the group work helped me in the drafting of the texts.
    An interesting part was to know new people from other countries.
    j'ai ètè content de travailler avec des camarades etrageres.
    Je me rappelerai les penses des françoises sur l'immigration.
    J'ai appris à utiliser deux langues à la fois.
    Giacomo Faggian 
    I learned to make some searches about current issues.
    An interesting part was to discuss with people from different country.
    I wonder if my article could become famous.
    Je me rappellerai de ce projet et des garçons français.
    J'ai été content du résultat final de mon article.
    Quelqu'un m'a aidé à penser au titre de mon article.
    I will remember that I like to work a lot with people of other countries .
    I was pleased to look for  information and to compare it with my mates.
    I was surprised when we met our mates by skype.
    J'ai trouvé particulierement intéressant interagir avec autres gens dans un portail web.
    je me demande si  mes camarades francaises ont aimé aussi travailler avec moi.
    Quelqu'un m'a aidé à ècrire l'ebook parce que est un traivelles tres longue.


    We learned to collaborate with our classmates and our French and Polish friends, too.

    An interesting part of the project was asking Ziyun for infomation about  New Year's day in China and so she helped us with the interview.


    Nous nous rappelerons tous les choses que nous avons appris pendant ce projet.

    Nous avons étées contentes de connaitre des nouvelles personnes d'autres Pays.

    Nous nous demandons si nous ferons des autres experiences comment cette.

    Nous avons étées surprises quand nous avons vu les images des filles Françaises parce qu'elles sont très bonnes.


    Alessia Bottazzin, Serena Benetollo


    I learned a lot of things like writing an article and the point of view of people from different countries.

    I will remember the moments spent with my classmates doing this project.

    I was pleased that we spoke privately with foreign students about different topics,besides the ones of the project.

    Mes camarades m'a aidè à faire les articles.

    Je me demande si on peut faire un autre fois c'est project.

    J'ai été surpris quand nous avons fait rencontre su Skype.


    Matteo Turino,Sema Ronaldo


    We learned to work with my Italian and my European mates.
    We will remember about this experience because we have had the opportunity to meet a journalist and to know the true story of some immigrants thanks to a meeting with them at school.
    Nous avons été content de parteciper à le projet parce que c'est une occasion unique.
    Nous avons trouvé particulierement intéressant connaitre la pensée des autres ètudient avec une culture différente.
    We were surprised when we had a skype meeting with foreign students, this was exciting because it was our first skype meeting with foreign students.
    Nos professeurs de francais et de anglais nous ont aìdes pour améliorer notre article grace à leurs conseils.
    Ottavio Didonè, Debora Salmaso
    I think that Etwinning is an ambitious project who is on a good way, indeed I really enjoyed working with italians and share with them, moreover I loved to write my article and even if it's a european project, Etwinning try to give some liberty that help to express our opinion on differents issues. What's more I learned how to communicate and also how to respect opinions of my peers.
    I learned a lot about hox to communicate.
    I was surprised when I knew that we were going to have a skype with the italians.
    I will remember the moment when I wrote my article on Kurdish people.
    It was really interrrested to manage with others, my perception of the project is globally positive because it is a good experience.
    I wonder if Etwinning could be develloped a little bit more.
    Dylan Sroussi

    I learned some currents issues in Europe

    I will remember the italians and th polishs

    I was pleased by chatting with people of other countries

    An interesting part was the group skype with the italians

    Someone helped me with the illustrations

    I wonder if the other enjoys this project

    I was surprised when I saw the final products

    Zoé Ratsimiala Ratandra

    I learned a lot thanks to the etwinning project, like the way you have to be when you work in group, the maturity patience you have to have 
    I will remember the joyful moment when we received biscuits and postcards 
    An interesting part was the video of the Italians, it was en enjoyment to see another part of the world, to see their environment 
    The etwinning is a good project that provide us a true experience with other people
     I was surprised when I saw the finals projects because they are very interesting, complete, various 
    Everybody did a good job and success to gives to us more knowledges while showing to us their talents (for the illustrations) their passions, what they like or what they are interesting about 
    I wonder if we did a good job, I hope that yes
    Nadjlat Utsahoi

    I learned some new current issues in Europe                                                                           

    I will remember that it was hard to exchange with other students                                                                     

    I was pleased that the project was not too long                                                              

    An interesting part was the researches                                                       

    Someone helped me with the final products                                                 

    I wonder if this project will still in the teaching program                                                                               

    I was surprised when we met the italians by webcam                                            

    Tristan Le Touten

    I learned to do a survey.

    I will remember the video conference with the Italians.

    I was pleased we have worked in groups.

    An interesting part was to made the illustrations.

    Someone helped me with the illustrations : we asked all groups for their espectations.

    I wonder if the others liked the Etwinning's project.

    I was surprised when I saw the finals articles.

    Delphine Ribailly

    I learned to improve my team work
    I will remember when I receved my postcard
    I was pleased to see that poeple made our quiz
    An interesting part is when I wrote the postcard
    Somoene helped me with the synopsis I had to write
    I wonder if I will make a project like that once again in my life
    I was surprised when I saw the results of the Survey Monkey
    Erona Ramadani
    I learned about traditions in the world
    I will remember the topic of our project
    I was pleased to talk with our partners from Italy
    An interesting part was getting to know more about the italians
    Someone helped me with my article's illustrations
    I wonder if we'll do another etwinning project
    I was surprised when we saw the italian team on skype
    Sasha Kimpyneck
    With the project on etwinning I learned to work in a team and to respect each other's ideas.
    I was pleased that with my French team and my Italian's partners had well exchanges.
    An interesting part was to search for information like a real journalist, it was really rewarding to me.
    I wonder if the Italian students enjoyed the project as mush as i  did.
    I fell proud of my team when I see the result of our article.
    Karen Roswog
    I learned to speak Polish with a Polish student.
    I was pleased that our work received a good grade.
    An interesting part was to lead a project and to get involved with peers.
    I will remember when we opened the package sent by Italians and when we ate their traditional biscuits.
    I wonder if we will see them again.
    Léa helped me with the high school presentation.
    I was surprised when I read the Italians' opinions about the project, because they were friendly with us.
    I learned how people can have different points of view about something according to their living place, or their culture.
    I will remember how to write an article, because I'm always expressing my opinion, and we have to be more factual to write an article.
    I was pleased when I saw the incredible work of the illustration group.
    An interesting part was to be able to communicate before writting the final production.
    Someone helped me, it was Elliot Lepers because he accepted to male the interview, but no one else helped me/
    I wonder if the projet can be more build, and more organized ( more communication group ).
    I was surprised when I saw that other teenagers can be involsed in ecologu, or immigration, rather than trips or music. 
    Kévin Benadjal 
    I learned to improve my team work .
    I will remember when we met the Italians via Skype for the first time .  
    I was pleased that worked with people coming from other countries .
    An interersting part was writting our article because I had a lot of ideas .
    Someone helped me to use the Twinspace because I found it difficult to use it .
    I wonder if one day I will do this again as it was so insightful .
    I was suprised to get on well with each member of my team .            
    I learned to work in a group and share ideas to create a common project.
    I will remember the different types of articles created on the project.
    I was pleased that the communication with the Italians went well.
    An interesting part was to exchange about what we wanted on the article and what we didn't, and to see how we would work through that.
    An other group helped me with the organisation of the article.
    I wonder if I will keep in touch with the Italians.
    I was suprised when the group in charge of the illustrations showed us the picture for our article because they described something that seemed really ugly  and at the end it looked amazing.
                                                                                                                               - Briac
    I learned to be regular on this project.
    I will remember how to write an article.
    I was pleased that I could talk with Italians' students.
    An interesting part was to read their artcile because I realised that it was what I had thought.
    I wonder if we'll wtill talk with the Italians.
    I was surprised when I read their artcile in French for their varied vocabulary.
    Yonha René-Corail
    I learned to use two languages to discuss with people of other countries.
    I will remember this collaboration with the Italians.
    I was pleased to make this project with them.
    An interesting part was when we met the Italians and learned to know them.
    Someone helped me with the looking for relevant informations.
    I wonder if we'll make an another project like this one next year.
    I was surprised when I learned more about the situation of the migrants in Europe, particularly in France and also in Italy.
    Clara Belmonte
    I learned how to work with my team and with my friends.
    I will remember when we created the survey.
    I was pleased to work with my friends.
    An interestig part was when we debate to find the topic.
    Someone hepled me with writing my synopsis my team corrected my mistakes.
    I wonder if I will do one project like that in my life again.
    I was surprised to get on well with each member on my team because we have diffenrent tempers.
    I learned a lot about the current issues of doping in the world nowadays .
    I will remember how to work with a team
    I was pleased thaht we succeed to finish writing our article .
    An interesting part was at the beginning when we were thinking about how to do our article with the Italiens .
    Someone helped me with finding out how the twinspace works .
    I wonder if the others enjoyed the article . 
    I was surprised when we finished the article I didn't expect it would be so easy . 
    Gabriel Dufourt .

    I learned many things on what we can call "the dirty side of sport" : the doping

    I will remember the moment when we saw the Italians for the first time on Skype

    I was pleased to talk and work with our Italian's team mate

    An interesting part was the one on history of doping in sport

    Someone helped me to choose what was the most important

    I wonder if everybody love our article

    And I was surprised by what I discovers during my research

    Sebastien Dupuis