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    Portrait of Elliot Lepers
    Elliot Lepers, is a  year s old french man. He is as he says a « political designer », because he wants to find real solutions to all the issues for all of the people and not for just some people, and not the others. But he also works on the net to fight against racism, and social exclusion, in particular for women cause.
    90 Jours, it’s app for smartphone, avaible on the Apple Store, and Android. This app is a way to begging your transition to become more ecologic. 
    How does it works ? When you open the app for the first time you will have to answer 4 questions the more honestly as you can, then the app will know how motivate you are. After that, during three month, you have 10 or 15 challenges that you will try, like do not eat meat during a week, or take a look to the calendar of vegetables and fruits seasons,… And tou will see how many CO2, and water you saved up.
    Elliot Lepers thinks that we don’t have to be well-educated, or an ecologic addict to use the app. We just need to want things move on. 
    Before took the decision to ask Elliot Lepers to do an interview, I tried the app and I really liker all of the app, it’s very lighten, and clear. And for a first time, even if, it’s an app he are contragulated to have done a challenge. And know I’m stopping eating meat, and I erased a lot of details to become more ecologic, and I fight for my friend become more ecologic too.


    As we know since few years, economic crisis took placen in Europe. The most of French-Italian exchanges was made by road whit polluant and dangerous trucks. To be more efficient economists had to find a way to increase the trade between that two countries. To receive help from French and Italian States they had to made them project ecologic.

    A train line between Lyon (France) and Turin (Italia), seems to be the better idea. It can reduce what trucks, cars, and planes pollute. A problem has grew up with this project which his theaten to be not has ecologist has it was said. People whose say it don’t see far enough. We known that a lot of emissions of carbon will be product, and smoke too, because create a train way in a mountain is not very « green ». But if we see in the futur in what that train line will be good for the Earth in, we know that it will be helpful for the planet.  

    To conclude for the next few years the carbon impact will be stong, but it will be amortized, and the real (and hide) reason is an economic problem .



    The TVA is a high speed railway that link Lyon with Turin, a new 57 kilometer tunnel built under some of Europe’s highest mountains. 
    When the line will be ready in 2028, it will be reduced the journey time between the cities and it will create a better  service of freight transport. 
    Many residents of the regions that live around the new tunnel have created an opposition that is over in a  national debate.  
    When an agreement about TAV  was signed in Venice, police had to fight protesters with the boats along  the rivers and the sea of the city.


    TAV disadvantages 

    1. The construction costs are huge:

    The e stimate is about 13 bIllion euros.
     Italy and France must pay the 60% of the expenditure, instead the UE will pay Forthe other 40%.

    2.High environmental impact:
    The principal cause of polution concerns the construction of the railway.
     An enormous piece of lands and rocks were destroyed to create the Transalpine tunnel, which is 75 km long.
    The second cause, but not the less important, concerns the future use of the railway, the pollution caused by the train and its maintenance.

    3. Traffic 
    The citiziens of the Valle di Susa don't want to have too much activity in their hamlet.
    Thousands of people who want to take the railway can create traffic in the small village of the north-west Italy.

    Some Italian people think that the project is useless, and dangerous for the environment.
    A protest movement was born  against the works, the "NO TAV".
    Recently there was a protest in Venice, on the occasion of the meeting between  M.Renzi and F.Hollande, which concerned the TAV agreements.