Interviews about refugess

  • Zuzanna Serwin

    Interwiew with my good friend.


    Interwiever: What do you think about accepting refugees into our country?

    Interlocutor: The answer is quite complicated to say it clearly especially for a  person with central political views as me. It's also hard to judge people who have been escaping from regions affected by war. We don't know if they are mostly terrorists or not. I think the best way is accepting a group of immigrants that can be compared to 0,2%  of the Polish community in a specific region. Nevertheless, these people will stay in Poland for a specific time with the refugee status and will come under the Polish law, also with inviolability which is guaranteed by the Polish Constitution.

    Interwiever: Want to add something else?

    Interlocutor: By the way, I would like to say that our nation is inconsistent as for deporting refugees. Many people do not remember the situation when there was martial law in Poland and many people got away to France or other western countries which gave us help. Moreover, there was outrage when the US government didn’t give us permission to travel to America without Visa. Every collective hatred starts from fear. As somebody once said wisely: "Hatred is a child of mortal fear and what should millions be afraid of?

    Interwiever: Thank you for this short interview.


    Jakub Miroś

    Hi mum, I'm going to ask you a few questions about refugees. It will be a short interview.

    - The first question is - What do you think about accating refugees from Syria?

    - In my opinion we should accept refugees because these people are escaping from war. Everyone wants to live in peace and have a happy family.
    -What about cultural and religious diffrences?
    -We shouldn't accept dangerous people. Radical Islamists are dangerous for our religion and culture. They foist their customs. Ordinary Syrians are normal people and they don't endanger our country.
    -Would you like to let some refugess stay in Poland?
    -Yes, I would. They must be tolerant and can't be lazy.
    -Poland isn't a rich country. Is it a good idea? Extra duties will make our country poorer.
    - Yes, Poland isn't rich but Syrians are much poorer than us. If politicians set a limit, our budget won't suffer.
    -What will we do when islamists rise aganist us ?
    - It probably won't happen because we will choose refugees well and due to that we'll minimalise the risk. I explained it at the beggining of the interview but if they do this, our army is strong enough to suppress such a rebellion.
    -Thanks for interview, Bye!
    -Bye !