music that connects people

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                                 Music that connects people                                  

    Music is the tool that allows you to communicate with other people,without speaking...It plays a very important role in young people's lives,in ours as well.People who make music can create links,emotions and new sensations.Sometimes music expresses what you feel inside. Concerts and gigs are definitely the best way to feel great emotions.

    Who is Beyonce?

    Affichage de Beyonce-La-Scandaleuse.jpg en cours...Affichage de Beyonce-La-Scandaleuse.jpg en cours...

      Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is a woman aged 34 who was born in Houston, Texas on September 4, 1981.      She had a sister whose name is Solange. They are children of Matthew and Tina Knowles. She was already a good dancer and singer when she was a child. His parents allowed him to start his career: his father Mathew Knowles became her music producer until 2011. She became a member of a girlsband with her cousin Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams named after many changes "Destiny's child" f rom 1992 to 2006 who has had a great sucess all around the world. In 2002 she met the famous  rapper Jay-Z, with whom she will work and produce songs in particular the song "Crazy in Love" and  "Drunk in Love". Jay-Z after many years become her husband with whom she had her first child, Blue Ivy  Carter in January 2012.


       The song "Pretty Hurts": 
    In this song written by Sia and its official video, Beyoncé points out a society issue about body obsession and beauty. Here we discover her, being different, being too-faced that is to say she pretends to be weak.This woman plays the role of a candidate to become  Miss USA. This song shows us what we can't actually see behind the scene. Thanks to this we definetely understand how this women are suffering because of the society pressure wich emphasize an idea of how a woman should looklike. Well,they defiened the perfect woman in a scandalous way. Moreover she tackles a society's issue and show that the society bribe the population; in a world obsessed with perfection, it can be difficult for women (but men too) to accept themselves the way they are.Therefore,through this song she transmits a message.

                 This is fragments of the lyrics:

            Perfection is a disease of a nation


    In this sentence, we  know who is the one to blame: the nation, society. It uses the word "perfection" to say what the society is, excepting from us, so something that does not exist.

    "Mama said, [...]

    What's in your head, it doesn't matter

    What you wear is all that matters " 

     Here we see that everyone is blinded by the lies of the society which is a domino effect because even your parents tell you how you should be and not who you want to be. We have the meaningless idea of ​​the society  spreading everywhere there are no boundaries. Also the phrase "What's in your head, it does not matter" highlight the fact that the most important thing is the way you look.


    "Ain't got no doctor or pill that can take the pain away
    The pain's inside and nobody frees you from your body
    It's the soul, it's my soul that needs surgery
    It's my soul that needs surgery"

    In this part, it shows the suffering of women, focus on this idea of ​​perfection aimed at being accepted by society: all this craziness lead them to use pills, chirurgy to become bulimic or anorexic. Their bodies and their minds are suffering, they lost their confidence, they forget the reality and goes crazy.

    "When you're alone all by yourself
    And you're lying in your bed
    Reflection stares right into you
    Are you happy with yourself?
    You stripped away the masquerade
    The illusion has been shed
    Are you happy with yourself?"

    Here, she asks them, after all this work, suffering, after falling on this vicious circle take away any sefl believes they do what they really wanted? Are they satisfied? Are they happy now? 

    In conclusion, she denounces the society and how it affetcs on people here ,especially on women. She tries to help women by showing them that this whole charade will not help to feel better in their lives and they will always struggle to be the perfect lady. Thus, we must accept us as we are and not how people are exepting us to be. Perfection is just an invention of society.


    The song "Formation":

    This song is obviously one of the most important things she's ever written throughout his career ineed, it focuses on the case of African Americans in the United States who face many dicriminations such as .From racism, cruelty towards them as the policemen who like "only" target to kill African Americans it is just and unfair unbearrable .that why Beyoncé wanted.



    There is a very important international, musical event we would like to write about: in summer, in Italy we speak only about Tomorrowland !! what is this festival? what are its characteristics? discover it with us !! 

    Tomorrowland is a festival of electronic music which was born in Belgium in 2005..It takes place in a large park which is prepared months in advance only for this occasion. 

    It's the best festival in the world:there are fireworks, water fountains, smoke and confetti everywhere !!| 

    In 2011 1200000 people were counted in just three days.

    tickets are "sold out" in just a few hours and the event attracts people from around the world. 

    Tickets cost a lot but people don't care about it because they give the opportunity to join the best festival in the world. Tomorrowland gives the possibility to stay in the "Dreamville", which is a large campsite with lots of tents in different sizes and colours...

    the festival offers a large variety of musical genres such as electronic, EDM and Techno.....Only the best Dj's in the world,like Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas e Like Mike, are allowed to partecipate. There are a lot of variations of Tommorowland, in which the event changes in size and place.

    Some examples are Tommorowland Brasil and Tommorowland Europe. The topic of the future tommorowland in July 2016 will be "the Elisir of life" . The elisir of life is music, which plays such an important role in people's lives..

    The last event in 2015 was not very succesful, because of the rain, which ruined the experience of a lot of people, the pyrotechnic shows and the quality of music,which was iterrupted many times...for this reason, the next event will take place in suitable protected space where rain and other weather conditions can not spoil it ;)

    Tomorrowland is a very important festival so there is the opportunity to watch  the event directly from your home with A streaming connection

    Italian Team>>> Marco Baliello - Marco Savio 

    French Team>>> Léa - Nadjlat