C3 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Jonava, Lithuania (December 6th-10th, 2021) - "Climate for Happiness!"

  • Erasmus+ project „Destination: Happiness!” international partner visit was successfully held at Jonava Jeronimas Ralys gymnasium on the 6th-10th of December, 2021.The main goal of this multicultural meeting was focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially emphasizing the environmental and ecological aspects. Project partners from Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Lithuania have been involved in various educational and cultural workshops that helped to deepen the knowledge, gain new experience and broaden horizons about environmental matters in Lithuania.

    Day 1

    The first day at school was dedicated to integrational activities such as getting to know each other, getting acquainted with the school and Jonava town. In addition to this, the project participants got a chance to create sustainable bookmarks and produce ecological candles made of a natural bee wax. These workshops encouraged to be initiative, creative and artistic personalities who can make a difference on a daily basis.




    Day 2

    The second day was filled with the educational tasks that put emphasis on making the research of 17 Sustainable Development Goals set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. Students were searching for a relevant information to SDGs, painting artistic displays and presenting their findings to other participants. By the end of the day, students got a broader understanding of the complexity and interrelation of SDGs.

    A session on SDGs.pptx

    Day 3

    On the third day a school trip to Molėtai and Ignalina was organized. Project participants dived into the search of the planet “Happiness” in Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology. A lot of interesting scientific facts about the Earth and solar system were explained. Later on, the group headed to a cultural workshop in a Tree Cake museum. The procedure of making this particular sweet and the taste of it left nice impressions to the guests.

    Day 4

    The fourth day of a a partner visit was held in the capital city – Vilnius. The first educational workshop led the participants along the streets of the city searching for the graffiti art on public buildings. “Is graffiti the type of art or a vandalism?” asked the guides of the MO museum. Later on, students had a chance to explore the exhibition of the youth photos inside the museum. Modern artistic ideas became a new approach towards the surrounding environment we live in.

    A historical workshop in Gediminas castle introduced the guest to the main historical aspects of Lithuania and reminded the importance of the Duke Gediminas’ letters addressed to the merchants all over Europe. Following this example, students were happy to write a letter inviting others to come and visit their country giving supportive arguments why the guest should do it.

    Day 5

    The final day of this international meeting started with an educational session “Human Response to Environmental Issues”. Students introduced the main environmental problems in their countries and gave few possible ways for solving them. Later on, a photoshoot activity “The signs of 3R’s in a local area- Jonava” gave students the chance to explore the town, make the artistic photos related to ecology and present the findings to others. Finally, the closing ceremony was opened by a folk band “Dobilia” that invited the guests to perform some Lithuanian dances. Project participants got the certificates of attendance and were surprised by the final songs of a rock group of our school students.

    A session- Human Response to Environmental Issues.pptx


    The ECo signs.docx