C5 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Kavala, Greece (June 20th-24th, 2022) - "Advocates for the future!"

  • The last partners’ visit of our Erasmus+ Programme “Destination: Happiness!!”, entitled “Advovates for the Future” was held by the 6th Senior High School of Kavala from the 20th to 24th of June 2022.

    During the meeting, inspired by the conclusions, effects of work and reflections in the previous project activities, students acted as speakers or even orators and delivered TEDx-like speeches raising awareness of the need to introduce changes both on the individual and nation-wide level. They also gained practical skills related to public speaking and presentation by participating in theatre and public speaking workshops. In addition, teachers shared good practices and prepared for the final dissemination of the project. Furthermore, both students and teachers approached their happiness and wellbeing, experiencing enjoyable activities in Kavala and Thassos Island, as well.


    Agenda_Advocates for the Future_Kavala.pdf


    TEDx-like speeches delivering 


    TEDX-like speeches delivering agenda.pdf






    A. “Searching for happiness in the Ancient Neapolis”

    Inevitably, there are a lot of exhibits in the Archaelogical Museum of Kavala that are engaged with happy moments of people's lives in the Ancient Neapoli. Students shot a photo of their favorite happiness related exhibit and explained to partners' team the reason of their selection (teacher in charge: Katsaki Vasiliki)


    Join our padlet to read students' selections!



    B. “Hidden and clearly visible sights in the Old Town of Kavala”

    Students approached the history of characteristic sights of the Old Town of Kavala, while playing a game on Kahoot application.

    Would you like to enrich your knowledge about the Old Town of Kavala?

    Old Town of Kavala-missions and multiple choice questions.pdf


    The prize went to....the Lithuanian team!



    C. “Happy scientists”

    The workshop was hold in collaboration with the Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences of Kavala (teacher in charge: PhD Papadopoulou Despoina)

    Studentse attended a science workshop and were assigned of two scientific missions, one from the field of Biology and one from the field of Chemistry. Approaching happiness is an interdisciplinary process that can be studied in various ways, either from a psychological point of view, from a neurological point of view or purely in terms of the microscopic world (cells and molecules).

    The aim of this workshop was to give a different perspective on the idea of happiness and above to show all the satisfaction that results from engaging in science.


    Workshop_Happy Scientists_QR code.pdf


    Workshop Happy Scientists_startguide.pdf







    D. Pottery workshop in Thassos Island






    Enjoyable leisure time





    Evaluation of the three-year Erasmus+ programme "Destination:Happiness!" 

    Considering the goals, activities and outcomes of the three-year Erasmus+ Programme "Destination: Happiness!", teachers and students resulted in the following project's evaluation.

    Project's evaluation.pdf