How to write a BLOG ENTRY? Do we read BLOGS?

  • Do you enjoy reading blog posts? Do you have a favourite blogger or a best-liked blog? What are the characteristic features of a blog entry?


    I don't really enjoy reading blogs, but there are few that I like. One of them is Blogger who owns this blog is named Ieva Greičiūnaitė. It's a blog about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I enjoy reading it, because it promotes healthy and happy living instead of dieting. This blog has it's own online page and also Instagram account.

    Backpacker banter

    I really enjoy reading blogs about traveling or education. One of my favorite traveler blogs is "Backpacker banter". Blogger who owns this blog is named Chris. He is a surfer, a photographer and traveler. Originally from Devon in the UK – although he's usually found somewhere much more warm and tropical! He gives tips and advise on travel and shares his experience. I enjoy reading it, because he inspires me to travel somewhere new and unique, to meet new people, to get to know new cultures and try new foods. I love his detail articles about every country or island he's been in. Also his tips on budgeting, traveling alone, being independent and confident are amazing.

    The Blonde Salad

    The Blonde Salad is an italian fashion blog created by Chiara Ferragni in 2009. It is a popural and also stylish blog whose main subject is street style fashion. In this site you can also find information about some celebrities , especially the ones that outstands as far as it concerns styling. Another subject that could be found in this alternative blog is some quotes about fashion and women and also some information about Chiara's Ferragni collection. Generally , in my opinion, this site could be characterized as a source of inspiration. Thats why i really enjoying spending my free time visiting this blog and get inspired by its posts. I highly recomment it to you ! Go check it out!

    GR-Amoiridou Theodora